«The problem is not that the home studios have gotten so good – it's that the major studios have gotten so bad. It's economics.»
Walter Sear

Lord Kesseli & The Drums – «fade»

Lord Kesseli & The Drums veröffentlichen die erste Single «fade». Die EP mit 6 Songs wird am 4.3.2016 bei Ikarus Records erscheinen

produced @ QFLM

video by Tim Bürge

Lord Kesseli & The Drums

Ikarus Records

Bit-Tuner – «prelove»

Bit-Tuners zweites Video vom Album «a bit of light»

Final Mix @ QFLM

video written & directed by Tilde Von Overbeck & Jeroen Singer




Pyrit – «I Am The River»

Pyrits zweites Video vom Album «UFO»

Mastered @ QFLM

video: Pyrit himself




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